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  • Laser diode module : Easy Job with High Power 635nm Red Laser Diode Module
    It is not a good work for users to take no proper dot alignment tool to make precise machinery processing works, as a result, there are more and more users are beginning to choose high brightness 650nm red laser diode module to make dot alignment. it is just a good experience for users to make super clear dot alignment with the assistance of a prop
  • Laser diode module : Clear Measuring from 100mW Blue Laser Diode Module
    Whatever kind of industrial precise machinery processing works, it is never a kidding work for users to make use of high power 100mW blue laser diode module. This is a very professional laser dot alignment tool, however, only after its very simple connection with electric power source of 4.2V DC input power supply, it is effective enough to keep co
  • Laser diode module : Moderate Brightness Red Dot Laser Alignment
    When you are being working in some special raw material processing works, you might get the chance to use red dot laser alignment to make dot measurement in work. It is a quite special experience for users to use this laser diode module since it is generating a highly bright and visible red laser dot on all targeting surfaces, it is just a very use
  • Laser diode module : Continuous Beam of 532nm Green Laser Diode Module
    When I am trying to make dot measurement, it is not an easy work until I am getting the selection of green laser diode module. It is very special from any other manual dot alignment tool, while its operation has just not got strict limitation of work distance, height and other working environments. For the most important of all, when 532nm green la